Earn Free Bitcoins Daily through Cointiply Bitcoin Faucet

What is Cointiply? This is one question I get a lot and I always give this simple definition: a reward platform that pays you bitcoin for completing small tasks. Bitcoin faucets are perhaps the most popular faucets to date courtesy of the popularity of the world’s first cryptocurrency.

Today, there are numerous ways to make money online and many young people are indulging in these online jobs to make something for themselves. Meanwhile, cryptocurrencies have taken the world by storm from the very beginning as they offer an alternative to the banking and traditional financial systems.

As expected, the combination of these two events has resulted in many young people diving into the cryptocurrency world to explore the opportunities available. More than ever before, money has been made accessible to any person no matter the location and without involving middlemen such as banks.

Cryptocurrencies have made it much cheaper to move money around while preserving the privacy of individuals. Yet still, one question remains for most people especially in the developing world; how to access and own these cryptocurrencies?

There are numerous ways to do this including mining and exchanging with fiat currency but the most interesting means is through earning free cryptocurrencies from faucets such as Cointiply.

What is Contiply

Cointiply is regarded as one of the best and most popular bitcoin faucets in the market today. Not only does it offer a huge range of earning opportunities besides a great referral program with 25% commission for life, but it also has the best rewarding system.

Besides earning through Bitcoin, you can also earn through Dogecoins which is a unique cryptocurrency whose value is growing steadily.

How do you earn free bitcoins from Cointiply?

1. Rolling Main Faucet

The main way to earn from Cointiply is through rolling the faucet and can be done once in every hour. On the top bar, hover over Earn Coins and select the first choice; Roll the Faucet. You’ll be required to fill a captcha before rolling and later on awarded depending on the number that you roll.

Cointiply main faucet reward system
Cointiply main faucet rewarding system

Rarely will you roll a number above 90,000 unless your Cointiplier increases. Which means this method might not earn you substantial rewards sooner. Luckily, Cointiply provides other more lucrative methods of earning points.

2. Multiplier

Cointiply offers a multiplier feature where you have the chance to multiply your coins to a maximum of 61.4x. This is a gambling game; a stake of between 10 to 10,000 coins is placed and then 11 targets on a planet are displayed.

Each target has its multiplication number which is displayed upon clicking. Some are positive multiplier while others result in loss of entire stake. As with any other gambling activity, never stake what you cannot afford to lose even if you are very positive of a win.

3. Surveys

The number one means through which most Cointiply games earn points it through Surveys because they offer substantially higher rewards and are available for almost everybody regardless of the locations.

These surveys which have no daily limits cover various topics and are updated frequently. Occasionally, they pay as much as 1000 coins for completing surveys, but such would take time to complete. Popular survey sources include TheoremReach, YourSurveys, AscendMedia, AdGateMedia among others.

4. Watching videos

If you like watching videos, then this Cointiply feature might turn out to be your favourite. It offers a passive way of earning rewards as you have fun watching.

Video ads also have high rewards which are on par with survey rewards. However, they are very selective, especially with location. Some of them are only accessible to people in the USA and other developed countries.

For people located in non-included countries, you might have to select from the limited opportunities remaining. Take note that using a VPN software that helps you change your IP address, is risky and will lead to termination of your account

Most common videos outlets available include; ideoFox, EngagMe VideoFox and Hideout.tv.

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5. Offer walls

Offerwalls are services that pay users for doing some kind of task. Those tasks include watching a video and the ads that come with them; visiting web pages; filling out surveys; installing apps; signing up for services, etc.

Apparently, top users in Cointiply earn hundreds of thousands of points daily from offer walls. To get to such a level you must have sacrificed a lot of time consistently and learn the ins and outs of the platform.

6. PTC Ads

Paid to Click Ads are very common among rewards platforms although they generate incentivized traffic that doesn’t convert well for publishers. They involve displaying of advertisement which you must click to be rewarded.

You can also earn coins for visiting a webpage. As expected, PTC Ads have a very low rewarding formula and considering the time it takes to either visit websites or click numerous ads, they might not be the most attractive ways of earning bitcoin on Cointiply.

7. Cointivity Game

Contivity is an account levelling and reward point system. It includes CointiPoints, collectables, experience point-based levelling, Pods, and most of all, many ways to boost your earnings on Cointiply.

For gamers, this game might interest you the most. You play the game for points that can buy you items used for your mining business. To be highly successful, you must collect as many items as possible.

However, you can only collect items if you have a slot to place the item in. These slots are earned as levels are unlocked which allows you to have more items.

That’s just a basic explanation of the game, for more information visit the FAQ and Help Desk page. Cointivity offers a great opportunity to increase your earning while playing an adventurous game.

8. Affiliate Program

There was no way Cointiply was gonna miss an affiliate program. This is their biggest marketing strategy which besides being effective, it provides lucrative means of earning more bitcoins.

For every referral, you bring to the platform you earn 25% of every faucet claims they earn forever. Meanwhile, 10% of any of your referral offer walls earnings are credited to your account. You can refer as many people as possible but referrals on the same devices will not be counted as referrals.

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9. Earning Interest.

Lastly, once you hit the 30,000 coins point you become eligible for 5% annual interest on your earnings. This might not seem like much but when compounded with earnings from all other opportunities, there is great earning potential from the platform

How to withdraw earnings from Cointiply?

Cointiply allows you to withdraw your earnings in form cryptocurrencies which you can later trade for fiat currencies. These gateways include;

  • FaucetHub Account when you have 35,000 coins.
  • DOGE wallet (processed in 24–72 hours) when you have at least 50,000 coins.
  • Bitcoin wallet (processed weekly) when you have at least 100,000 coins.

Check out the best online wallets for your bitcoin earnings.

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