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It is high time for soccer fans to get deeper into the game and have a direct impact on their teams. Normally, 99% of fans are never involved directly in a game. The most access they have is watching the game live on TVs. Their opinions and wishes are rarely put into consideration.

That’s about to change and the innovation behind it is the blockchain technology.

Lately, cryptocurrencies have taken the world by storm. People are realizing the potential that cryptocurrencies have to change the course of their lives. The freedom to move money and privacy that accompanies it is beyond exciting.

Yet cryptocurrencies are just a tiny fraction of what blockchain technology can actually do. In fact, the only reason they got so much hype was courtesy of being the first application of the technology. What lays below the sea surface of blockchain is beyond imaginable.

One of these applications is tokens. A token is a digital representation of an asset or a particular use that has monetary value and exists inside a blockchain.

For instance, one can have a token that represents a certain percentage of the value of a real estate property. There can be another token that represents an entitlement to view 20 hours of content on a video sharing platform.

Tokens are digital assets; shares, entitlements or rights to anything, converted into digital form and existing in an immutable public ledger. Therefore, they cannot be copied; the decentralized nature of the publicly accessible database in which their records are stored makes them so.

Now here comes the exciting part

Fans Tokens

A blockchain company has come up with fans tokens for major soccer teams from around the globe. These tokens transform you into a super fan by giving you the ability to vote on club-specific decisions.

Such decisions would include; changing a team’s crest/logo, redesign the kit, vote for Man of the Match and even plan on club-specific events for fans and locations for tours. With these tokens, you have a say into these decisions. They simply ask through a central app and you get a chance to vote.

But that’s not all. Did you know you can also have access to rewards, once in a lifetime offers, prediction games, exclusive merchandise and experiences?

These fans tokens are a game-changer. Through them, a football fanatic can get a whole new level of fandom experience and perhaps experience a spike in loyalty to their favourite teams. And that just one way the blockchain technology is transforming the world.


Allow me to introduce the Socios App (Android version and iOS version), a first of its kind mobile app that turns a sports fan into a sports superfan. Here is how it works.

A club partners with to introduce digital assets know as fans tokens which represent the ownership of voting rights in club-specific decisions. The club then commits to a number of binding and non-binding polls each of which will have a minimum of two choices.

Fans are then allowed to select one choice for each poll and the club is obligated to materialize the selection that receives the most votes in a binding poll while for a non-binding poll, the club doesn’t necessarily have to act on the result.

One fan token equals one right to vote in every public poll generated by the club. Fortunately, you don’t spend your tokens by voting. They never reduce and you can vote in every poll published by your club. With 2 fan tokens, you can vote twice in every poll and so on.

A maximum limit of the number of tokens owned by one person will, however, be determined by each club to prevent one single fan from ‘controlling’ Club-selected votes. Nonetheless, there is no limit to the amount of rewards points you can earn.

To own a fan token, you can first purchase the $CHZ token which is the digital currency for and then buy the fans tokens for your favourite time or directly buy the fans tokens of your team both through the Socios App.

List of Clubs with Fans Tokens

Socios has partnered with several big football clubs and clubs from other sports to bring this amazing experience to sports enthusiasts. The soccer clubs currently with fans tokens on the Socios blockchain include

  1. Barcelona FC ($BAR)
  2. Paris Saint-Germain ($PSG)
  3. Juventus ($JUV)
  4. Atlético De Madrid ($ATM)
  5. West Ham United
  6. Galatasaray ($GAL)
  7. AS Roma ($ASR)

These are just a few of the top football clubs in Europe but the list is about to grow as more football clubs embrace the innovation and strive to offer their fans what they deserve; a say in the decision table.

So often do clubs make decisions that many fans consider bad. With Socios App, Fans can now have a direct impact on the decision table and do that while earning exclusive rewards, experiences and access to premium merchandise.

If you like this idea as a common citizen, or you are a blockchain and crypto enthusiast who loves football, you ought to try this app out.

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